Happy 2019 : What's New in the Studio
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What's New in the Studio

Happy 2019

by Karla Matista on 01/09/19

Hello art lovers and welcome to 2019! I'm writing about some new paintings I have been working on. It's been rather dreary here in the Skagit valley these past two months, and I'm needing some bright colors to liven things up. 
I have several wooden panels in the studio that I've been saving for just the right project. They are large square panels, so perfect for a series of abstracts. My plan is to push the envelope a bit with the texture and utilize some new skills I'm working on with plastic to move water across the surface.  I know, it probably sounds odd, but most great art is :) If this works out well, I'll post some photos.
Happy painting to my artist friends, and hope you all have a wonderful year ahead!

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