Karla Rae Studios
Commissioned Works
Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your ideas. I look forward to working with you, and painting your newest family heirloom.
Have you thought about having an original painting of your favorite place?  Commissioning a one of a kind painting is a wonderful way to capture that perfect day, or to record family memories.  Here is a photo from a family hiking day at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains.
When the photos and details begin to fade, a beautiful and timeless painting can inspire and remind us of those special memories we have shared.

Everyone had a great time and we were awe struck by the beauty of the mountains. So, I got out a canvas, did some sketching, and in a few days, painted this keepsake. 
My process for commissioned works is simple and affordable.  I usually meet with my clients once or twice to talk about your ideas, and collect any pictures you may have. I like to get a clear vision of what you have in mind.  Sometimes, depending on the scale of the work and your expectations, I will render a smaller draft painting.  I enjoy painting realistic images from photos, and also do composition works that combine actual locations with imagined features such as in this sketch painting.
Acrylic is my preferred medium.  The colors are fade resistant, and the higher quality Golden paints give that thick buttery consistancy which make it easy to work on any surface.  My clients can choose from the new elephant boards (super durable with the deep museum sides), traditional canvases to be framed, or museum wrapped canvases (no framing required).
The more information and photos you have for me, the easier it will be to produce exactly what you want.  Turn around time is usually two to six months depending on my studio schedule. I am busier during the summer months with showing & festivals.
Once I have a clear understanding of what you want, I get to work in the studio.  My prices start around $500 for smaller works and go up from there depending on the size and level of complexity.